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Rubber Mold Release Agent

  • Rubber Products Mold Release Agent

    Rubber Products Mold Release Agent

    Description TM-80B is water based semi-permanent release agent which contains special active polymers.It can form a thin,uniform coating film on the surface of the mold,and the film has a good adhesive to the surface of metallic mould.Due to the film's higher compactness...

  • Rubber Hose Mold Release Agent

    Rubber Hose Mold Release Agent

    Description 1 Aqueous,yellow liquid 2 silicone-free demolding agent for hose,easy to wash,no residues 3 Have excellent lubricantion function and be easy to fix a mold 4 Be suitable for all vulcanizates,especially for abnormal shape hose it can provide excellent demolding...

Fihonor Chemical, one of the professional and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of various rubber additives, here brings you the best rubber mold release agent. Offering you the competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery, we warmly welcome you to buy the rubber mold release agent from our factory.